HOTD Podcast Episode 9

We’re baaaaack. Christ, that felt like too long away. But we’re back and this week on the show the topics on every one’s minds revolve around Sam’s.

First up; it’s Big Sam. Just 20 minutes before recording this it was announced that he was no longer England manager, so we take a look over what went wrong, and where the FA go from here.

Then comes the more important Sam, Sam Maguire. This weekend Dublin and Mayo square off in the first All Ireland Football Final Replay in 16 years. We look forward to that and what we thought of the first match, both from the sidelines and from afar.

We finish up on the fairways of Minnesota, with two teams trying to win a small gold trophy named after Samuel Ryder. That’s right, it wouldn’t be the Hurlers on the Ditch podcast unless we talked about something we have very little knowledge of, that’s why we brought in Scott to steer us along.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, we talk about when to drop out of form players as well. In other words; sam’ sh*t, different day. See? We should just call it the Sam Special.


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