Heroes in Hiding here for all to see

There’s been some great songs written about real experiences by Irish bands in the last few years, but I think the story behind this particular song may just beat all the others.

Dublin band Heroes in Hiding released their debut LP “CURTAINS”  on October 7th. The first song of six is titled “Hospital” and apart from being an absolute banger, it carries with it one of the most amazing back stories to a song that I personally think I’ve ever heard.

Give it a listen and then I’ll explain why.

You see, the amazing thing about this song is that it’s based on a true story. Not only that, it’s based on an accident that band member Joe Carroll unfortunately found himself involved in.

“I was on my way home from a friend’s birthday party on a hired coach. There weren’t enough seats so I was standing up at the back. I leaned back and fell out of the door and onto the motorway. I don’t remember much of the incident itself and the next thing I remember was lying on a trolley in the hospital in a neck brace.”

There’s not many people would live to tell the tale in a scenario such as that. To write such an eye opening song about the ordeal, such that Hospital is, is just incredible. The line “Kind reassurance, a juxtaposition to the faces of worry that they gave away”. That line is basically everyone’s worst nightmare. Lying in a hospital bed, in a neck brace, not knowing why you’re there and the people around you look worried. To capture it in a song deserves serious credit.

“Second they arrived, I broke down, I was broken down and I knew how close I’d come”. Lads and ladies I’m not going to lie. Do you know when you find a song and you just constantly play it on repeat because of how it makes you feel, how it impresses you and how you just have to sit back and say “wow”. That’s what this song has done for me. I think it’s brilliant.

The story of an accident, being in hospital not knowing why, the slow realisation and reflection of how close you had come to death, and then in the last verse, just realising how lucky you were, and taking a deep breath.

Now, while I’m waffling on about how impressive I find this song, let me just assure you, Heroes in Hiding certainly aren’t going to be just a one hit wonder. Tracks such as “No, You’re a Rabbit” (great name but always remember there’s no such thing as a shtandard rabbit) and “The Riddle” will certainly be heard many times on Irish radio over the next year.

If you like what you hear from “Hospital”, you can find the lads’ LP on iTunes and Spotify, and if you like what you hear there, you can catch Heroes in Hiding headlining the Opium Rooms on December 10th. Tickets available here.


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