Dermot Kennedy has been hiding in plain sight

Every now and again an Irish artist comes along and on first listen their music makes you sit bolt upright and say “holy shit”. Recent examples include James Vincent McMorrow and Hozier.

Well, Dublin man Dermot Kennedy is one that will definitely make you say just that. Having heard his music for the first time late last week while going through Spotify on shuffle, I thought to myself, “how am I only hearing these songs now?”

I sent a few of his tracks to the lads asking had anyone heard of him, or even heard him on Irish radio before. No one had. Then we realised he had almost 30 million plays on the music streaming site and 1.6 million monthly listeners. To put that in perspective, there’s more people listening to this Dubliner on Spotify each month than  Picture This, Walking on Cars, The Riptide Movement, The Blizzards, The Academic, Delorentos and The Strypes… Combined.

It’s not hard to hear why either because his songs are brilliant. Starting off from a folk-y background and bringing in synthy, electric accents, they are a fantastic combination of new and old styles. Add into that the incredible vocals and it’s absolutely baffling that he hasn’t burst onto the Irish radio scene just yet, but it definitely won’t be long until he does.

Currently playing a string of gigs in the US, Kennedy has recently released his 4 track EP “Doves and Ravens” headlined by the anthemic Glory. On a personal note, I think All My Friends is one of the best Irish songs since Hozier’s Take me to Chucrh.

He’s certainly one that will stick with you for a while from the instant you start to play his songs.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a listen for yourself.


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