About Us

We’re the Hurlers on the Ditch; we give whatever is the opposite of expert opinion on sport, television, movies, and whatever you’re having yourself.

What gets us talking is what gets you talking; as long as that happens to be It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, cult hero Southern Hemisphere backs who have played rugby for Leinster, and just what Dessie Dolan might eat for his breakfast.

We aim to produce some sharp analysis and reaction to the latest news in sports and entertainment, as well as an occasional trip off the beaten track. We care as much about the newest goings on at FIFA as we do about recalling how brilliant Pro Evo 5 was.

Hurlers on the Ditch is about fulfilling the need for quality Irish sports and entertainment writing online; we are passionate about the topics we discuss and we are not here to bombard with clickbait (We promise not to overdo the McGregor stuff. Though we cannot say the same for pieces about Dessie Dolan’s diet).

Meet the Team

Phil Greene:


An avid watcher of all types of sports, Phil’s own sporting career received somewhat of a body blow a number of years ago when he was diagnosed (seemingly straight-faced) with “loose kneecaps”. Despite this chronic and obscure problem, Phil went on to achieve the highlight of an exceptionally average Gaelic Football career when he was part of a team which defeated  player-manager Niall Quinn in a Senior Reserve D semi-final in 2012. He still attempts to dine out on the story of how Big Quinny brought himself on for the last ten minutes, only to see his headed attempts on goal thwarted.

You can follow his tripe on Twitter here.

Kevin Conneely:

About Me Pic

Kevin is a budding tax consultant who plays club football with Leixlip GAA. He hosted Rhythm and Rugby on Belfield FM for two years. During this time the show was nominated for Best Sports Show, losing out to a show about professional wrestling. The big story from this being someone in UCD actually did a full show every week about professional wrestling. He is a committed follower of Gaelic games, rugby and the NFL with a love for podcasts. Kevin was once interviewed by TV3 news at the GradIreland Careers Fair in the RDS however his comments were removed in post production.

Dara McGlynn


Dara also plays club football for Leixlip GAA but only as a means to allow him to foam roll as much as humanly possible, preferably in other peoples houses. A risk analyst by trade Dara likes to unwind after work by living by the idiom of ‘Sure they cant knock us all down’. When not engaging in strenuous stretching or being a danger to himself and those around him, Dara enjoys watching sport, using big words he doesn’t understand  and reminiscing about Álvaro Recoba’s free kick prowess in PES 6.

Graham Barry:


Graham, seen here on the right, is a journalism graduate currently working in the closely related field of air conditioning and ventilation installation. When it comes to sport he is a watcher of all, player of few with very few played well. A keen golfer, his goal for this year is to reduce his handicap by at least 10 shots from the monumental high of 28. Graham is a regular  cinema goer and Netflix marathon enthusiast. Ever the outsider, he is a life long Manchester United fan raised in a family of Liverpool supporters, and a Dublin supporter in a friend group of Lilywhites.

John Lawler

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 6.12.05 p.m.

John, pictured here with his good friend the Prince of Liechtenstein, is a former member of the Football Goalkeeper’s Union. The highlight of his sporting career was playing on the same team as someone who featured in FIFA 2013. His CV says John currently plays tennis and coaches underage rugby, but these are both lies. In reality his  involvement in sport these days is limited to watching from the stands or the couch. Outside of sport he enjoys movies, reading and long walks on the beach.