Why can’t Rafa be happy?

There is a school of thought amongst the dimmer elements of English football pundits that managerial mavericks such as Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola will only ever truly ‘prove’ themselves in the British game if they were to achieve success with lower league teams such as Darlington or Gillingham. It’s the managerial equivalent of “Could…

What’s the point of the Lions?

“Tonight is the peak of Mount Everest” Those were Tom Court’s words after his one and only appearance for the British and Irish Lions in 2013. In reality, Court wasn’t part of the squad based on his rugby ability. It was more a case of “right place, right time” during a family holiday to Australia.

The Chicago Cubs: A Wait Off Their Shoulders 

When myself and the two Killians booked flights and accommodation for Chicago to go and see Ireland play the All Blacks in the city’s Soldier Field stadium, we figured we’d spend the week before the game wandering the city, pick up a hockey game, nothing major. We never expected to be in the city when…

HOTD Podcast Episode 10

In the week the All Star nominations were announced, the lads talk the most over-rated players in Gaelic football before outlining their plan to sex up golf. Inspired by the Ryder Cup, they put together a Sporting Event Bucket List and start the HOTD War on Stats, before finishing up with Graham’s now traditional quiz.

HOTD Podcast Episode 7

This week’s podcast sees the Hurlers on the Ditch pay tribute to Robbie Keane’s Ireland career  (kind of) before discussing Conor McGregor’s options, inside  and outside of UFC, following his latest win. The lads talk Mayo and that dreaded ‘chokers’ tag and hand out the prestigious HOTD Rio 2016 Awards. They finish up with this…